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Flower vase/Rin

Flower vase/Rin

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The word "Rin" refers to coldness, as well as a sharp and dignified appearance.
The vase "Rin" is inspired by flowers blooming in the snow that falls in the middle of a harsh winter. It conveys the dignity of flowers that endure the harsh cold and survive the winter.

The white color of the vase is a glaze called "Shino Glaze", which is mainly composed of feldspar. Feldspar is a glassy material, but the glaze tends to become cloudy due to the formation of many intrusions and bubbles. The glossy texture unique to glass makes you feel the coldness of winter.

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Width: approx. 6.5cm / Depth 5.5cm / Height approx. 13.5cm

Weight: approx. 140g

Material: Pottery (Seto ware)

*There are individual differences due to the characteristics of pottery.

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Vase that enhances the daintiness of flowers

The "Iwao" and "Rin" vases feature scenes reminiscent of harsh natural environments, such as large, craggy rocks and midwinter snowfall.

The distorted shapes and torn apertures are reminiscent of irregular external forces that have deformed it, telling a story of a harsh natural environment. The contrast with such a harsh view of the world accentuates the loveliness of the flowers.

Since it is the size of a single flower vase, it can be placed in small spaces such as shelves, tables, bay windows, etc., and is also recommended for small rooms. Available in two colors: black and ivory. The color is not too strong and can be matched with a variety of flowers.

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