Enjoy Japanese aesthetic sense

In the past, Japanese people lived in a rich natural environment and unique culture. They have cultivated a spirit of modesty and enjoyment of change. This spirit can be seen in tanka, haiku, etc.
We believe that this has created a uniquely Japanese aesthetic sense, such as “Finding beauty in scenery that no one would notice at first glance.”

However, modernization has increased the distance between Japan and its unique nature and culture, and opportunities to nurture such a spirit are diminishing.

Taking a cue from the lost spirit of Japan, Huukyou cuts out a scene that seems to be unnoticed and expresses it in a free form that is not bound by preconceived ideas.

Thoughts in the logo mark

  • The motif of the symbol mark is the Chinese character for "wind" (風)
    Starting with the brand name "Huukyou" (風狂), we thought that the word "wind" (風) would be associated with Japanese aesthetics.


  • Until now, I have had the opportunity to
    exchange words with many people overseas. Most of them seemed to find Japan and Japanese people attractive from their own perspective.

    On the other hand, I myself have never
    thought deeply about "Japaneseness", and when I was asked about it, I was at a loss for words.

  • The Japanese identity has been nurtured in the unique climate and culture, and appreciated by people all over the world.

    We would like to reconsider the "Japaneseness" and express it in our way, even if it is against the trend of continuing to become richer through westernization and modernization.

    It was with this thought in mind that we launched "Huukyou" (風狂).

  • Yuichi Yoshikawa

    Born in Miyazaki Prefecture in March 1995.
    Graduated from The University of Kitakyushu, Department of International Relations.
    While studying abroad in the UK, traveled around Europe and was exposed to various cultures and arts.
    After graduating, I worked as front office agent at a hotel with many inbound guests. Launched “Huukyou” in July 2022. In his private time, he studies tea ceremony and thinks about the value of Japanese culture in modern times.

  • Kota Mori

    Born in Fukuoka prfecture in April 1994.

    Graduated from The University of Kitakyushu, Department of Business Information Studies.

    After graduating, joined an interior design company that focused on commercial spaces. Involved in the creation of numerous stores, focusing on cost estimation-related work. Launched the brand "Huukyou" in July 2022 in a way that resonates with Yoshikawa's idea that "In today’s world, where globalization is progressing, we need to reconsider what it means to be Japanese."