Lights and how things look


One of the essential things in our daily life is “light”.
In addition to natural light such as the sun, our lives are supported by artificial light such as fluorescent lamps and LEDs.
There seems to be a deep relationship between these lights and how things around us look.

With the development of modern lighting technology, we live under various lights.
Lighting such as LEDs is characterized by its bluish-white color and high illuminance. Convenience stores, supermarkets, and company offices are examples that are easy to understand.
On the other hand, if you go to a stylish restaurant or general store, the color of the light is reddish and you may also see dim lighting.

Then, how was it before the development of lighting technology? Roughly speaking, it is the era before the Meiji era and people lived under the lights of the sun, candles, and lanterns. You can imagine a much darker, more shadowy space than it is now.
When you go to museums and art galleries, you can see works of art from each era, from ancient times to the early modern period. Many of the works are displayed under dim lighting, as if to recreate the lighting of the period.
This allows us to experience the true value of works of art.

Considering this,
it seems to me that each object has a suitable light to illuminate it.
Something you bought in a nice, dimly lit store might look different under bright white light bulbs at home.
Have you ever had such an experience?


Sometimes why don't you try to turn off the lights or weaken the light by dimming? If you change the light that has been illuminated as is usual, even the same thing should look different.

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