Rethink Japanese identity

From the Meiji period to the present,
with the introduction of western culture and the development of science and technology,
our lives have become much richer.

However, in exchange for this richness, we are losing the opportunity to think about what is the “Japaneseness” that has been born and nurtured in the climate and history of this country.

The brand name “Huukyou” means the spirit that pursues an aesthetic sense even though it goes against the grain.

We will continue to pursue the japanese identity that can only be noticed by looking carefully.

We will create an opportunity for people to think about the uniqueness of Japan by interpretating the concept of wabi-sabi and sending it to the world in a form.

Thoughts in the logo mark

  • The motif of the symbol mark is the Chinese character for "wind" (風)
    Starting with the brand name "Huukyou" (風狂), we thought that the word "wind" (風) would be associated with Japanese aesthetics.


  • Until now, I have had the opportunity to exchange words with many people overseas. Most of them seemed to find Japan and Japanese people attractive from their own perspective.
    On the other hand, I myself have never thought deeply about "Japaneseness", and when I was asked about it, I was at a loss for words.

  • I'm sure there are more than a few people who have had similar experiences. Even if that is not the case, aren't there fewer opportunities to think about what Japaneseness is in our daily lives?
    We would like to reconsider the "Japaneseness" that has been nurtured in this country's unique climate and history, even if it is against the trend of continuing to become richer through westernization and modernization.
    It was with this thought in mind that we launched "Huukyou" (風狂).